The Team

Rabia Raees Founder, Tutor, Biochemistry Student


I’m the founder of The STEM Spot Tutoring, and I’m so glad you stumbled upon our page! I’ve been professionally tutoring for two years with over 600 hours under my belt. I started The STEM Spot because of my passion for helping younger students reach their goals and feel confident doing math and science. I’ve struggled alongside every student out there in science and math classes, and I believe everyone should have a place to go when they need help figuring out challenging concepts.

My job as a tutor is to help you feel confident doing math and science. Together, we’ll figure out the best approaches to the classes you’re taking. We’ll explore different angles to every type of question until we land on what feels right for you. There are no wrong questions, and I’m happy to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere where we work together and make a difference.

In high school, I loved learning biology and chemistry, whether it was about the movement of molecules across a lipid membrane or the selective pressures that drive evolution. My love of science led me to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Toronto Metropolitan University. In my third year I—unconventionally—decided to pause my studies and intern for a biotechnology company. When I returned to school, I got involved with research and worked in a lab to complete an undergraduate thesis! Currently, I’m a graduate student at McMaster University, pursuing my Masters in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences.

I started tutoring while applying to graduate school, and quickly fell in love with the profession. There is so much value in teaching and helping others when you have the knowledge and experience to do so. I like challenging the perceptions of younger students and showing them that math and science can be fun, interesting…and easy!

Sana Munir

Rahiq Raees

Ashvin Thiru

I believe anyone has the potential to succeed; they just need the right form of support. Learning is a process that involves exploring different learning approaches to help make students become familiar with the material in a meaningful way. I’m a fourth-year psychology student at TMU who enjoys reading, writing, and creating art in my spare time. I’d love to share my enthusiasm for learning with students and help them learn in a fun and creative way!”
I’m Rahiq, a student at The University of Toronto, pursuing a degree in Statistics and Mathematics with a focus in Machine Learning. I was a student like many of the people I tutor not long ago, and I know what it’s like to be stuck with an unsolvable math problem. I’m here to give you awesome learning strategies, practical advice, and coach you through several of the same problems I encountered as a student. I believe that there are no wrong questions, and we’re all here to learn. Outside of math, I spend time gaming with friends and playing soccer outside. I’m excited about graduation soon and starting new programming projects.
Hi, my name is Ashvin and I am a chemical engineering student at TMU. As a dedicated tutor, I'm passionate about guiding students on their educational journey. With personalized attention and tailored lesson plans, I strive to foster a deep understanding of subjects while cultivating a love for learning.  I have been through and experienced the same struggles so I know how difficult it can be when you're stuck. Whether it's mastering math, refining writing skills, or diving into science, I'm here to support you every step of the way. I will break down every question step by step as well as coach you on how to approach difficult questions. Let's unlock your potential together!