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At The STEM Spot Tutoring, we promise an educational experience that extends beyond live tutoring sessions. Our commitment to your child’s success in STEM is reflected in our dual approach: interactive live sessions for real-time learning and continuous support through email and text for any after-hour inquiries. Not only does your child receive personalized instruction, but they also gain an enduring resource in their educational journey—accessible, flexible support when they need it most. This extended support ensures that no question goes unanswered, fostering a deeper understanding and consistent academic progress. 


 Mon-Sun | 9am-10pm

More than just tutoring:

Welcome to The STEM Spot Tutoring, where we believe math and science can be fun!

We provide personalized, one-on-one tutoring for K-12 students to strengthen foundations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects. Our team of experienced and passionate tutors is dedicated to helping students learn core concepts in STEM while keeping education accessible and engaging for all students. We support math and science courses based on the Ontario curriculum, and help with test prep, homework, and assignments.


Our goal is to give students the right tools and the confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond. At The STEM Spot Tutoring, our tutors not only teach STEM subjects, but work in the STEM field as well. This gives us a unique, real-world perspective on the challenges that students face in math and science classes, and allows us to mentor and guide them towards their future aspirations. STEM education is more than grades and test scores—it’s about empowering students and showing them what’s possible to achieve their dreams.  

Extended Support Beyond Live Sessions


At The STEM Spot, we understand that learning doesn’t just happen during scheduled sessions — questions and challenges can arise at any time. That’s why we offer an integrated learning experience that extends beyond the confines of the virtual classroom. Our tutors are accessible via email and text, providing students with continuous support as they navigate their educational journey.


Personalized Assistance When It Matters Most


Our dedicated tutors are available to answer questions, assist with homework, and clarify any aspects of assignments outside of the live tutoring sessions. Tutors collaborates with students offline, ensuring they receive guidance when they need it the most. We strive to provide timely and effective assistance, fostering a supportive environment that encourages academic success.


Seamless Learning Experience


We believe in a seamless learning experience where students feel supported at every step. By bridging the gap between scheduled sessions, our tutors help maintain academic momentum and deepen understanding. This ongoing support is designed to enhance the learning experience, allowing students to build confidence and mastery in their subjects.


With our comprehensive approach, we’re not just tutors–we’re your educational partner, committed to continuous development and academic excellence.

Courses Tutored
Math tutoring

$60 per hour

Grades 1-12 Math

Science tutoring

$60 per hour

Grades 7-10 Science

Biology tutoring

$60 per hour

Grades 11-12 Biology

Chemistry tutoring

$60 per hour

Grades 11-12 Chemistry

Physics tutoring

$60 per hour

Grades 11-12 Physics

Biochem/Stats tutoring

$60 per hour

University Biochemistry & University Statistics

Some courses not listed here may still be available, please contact for more information. 

How It Works

Fill out the contact form or shoot us an email at to request tutoring services

Our team will register and match you with a tutor at a time of your

Before the session, a zoom link will be sent via email that you can join at the time of the session

Our Services

individualized lessons

We create individualized lesson plans tailored to each students
unique needs and learning

Our tutors provide support

We support test prep, homework help, assignments, and more! - We tutor based on the Ontario curriculum, so that students learn what they need to succeed in school

Tutors available off-hours

Our tutors are available off-hours to answer questions and explain problems - We can assign and check homework based on textbook or worksheet questions during tutoring sessions

About Rabia Raees

The STEM Spot Tutoring Founder, Tutor, Biochemistry Student

Rabia Raees, the founder of The STEM Spot Tutoring, holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and is currently a master’s student at McMaster University. Outside of doing research, she spends her time tutoring students in math and science and has worked at one of Toronto’s top tutoring companies. Her passion for teaching and mentoring led her to start The STEM Spot, a virtual tutoring company that aims to boost grades while making math and science more fun and interesting.

To read more about her approach to teaching and her philosophy, visit our Team page!

Our Testimonials

Rabia helped me with a lot of my school work Without her I wouldn’t have passed my classes or understood my work. Definitely recommended 🔥 she’s awesome and very comfortable to work with it and very kind
sana munir
sana munir
Rabia was a great help to me when I initially started studying statistics at the university level. She helped quell my anxieties about the material’s complexity and made me feel more confident and comfortable about the subject. Also, the experience was very collaborative; she constantly made sure I was following along and wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by the new content. She made complicated concepts seem enjoyable by simplifying them, and as a result, I ended up excelling in the course!

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